Allegheny National Forest Region Excursion

Travel: May 16 – May 18, 2020

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1. Allegheny National Forest Maps

2. Kane Manor B&B

3. ANF Riding Routes

4. Kane Manor (Anoatok) history

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 1- Travel Day

It’s 5:30am, Dory is fuel and packed and we’re up drinking coffee reviewing temperatures and rain chances along our route. Speaking of the route, our general plan is to head to Harrisburg then take routes 22, 322, 80 & 219 to Kane, Pennsylvania and the Kane Manor B&B (link #2). The weather is looking good so far with a temp range forecasted from about 62-69 degrees with no rain. Once in Kane we tentatively decided to do the Longhouse National Scenic Byway tour around the Allegheny Reservoir (see link #3). More to come…

After about five hours on the road we arrived in Kane, a small town located in McKean County just east of the Allegheny National Forest and about two hours east of Lake Erie. The weather cooperated by delivering hazy sunshine although it was a bit chilly on the bike at about 63 degrees. Although much of the journey was beautiful, I think the highlight of the ride to Kane was cruising beside the mighty Susquehanna River on Rt 22 just north of Harrisburg.

After arriving in Kane we decided to head to the historic Inn we had booked. Although the current owner, Dave Krieg, wasn’t there his groundskeeper Mike was and explained some of the interesting history to us. Having been commissioned to be built back in 1896 by author, physician and women’s rights activist Elizabeth Dennistoun Wood Kane, we learned the home has quite the history. See link #4 for more detail.


After dropping off our belongings and looking around the Inn we hopped back on the bike to explore the lake (Allegheny River Reservoir). Feeling a bit hungry we took Mike’s recommendation and stopped at Bob’s Trading Post for a quick lunch. Although we heard they have good ice cream we only shared a steak sub before getting on our way. The ice cream will have to wait for another time.

Our basic goal for riding around the lake was to scope out areas we like. Our future plan is to return with the trailer to do some motorcycle camping along with hiking, fishing and kayaking. We found many prime fishing, camping and hiking areas we liked as you’d imagine being in such a great wilderness area like the Allegheny National Forest. We did stop at a few before deciding to take the long way back to the Inn.

The return ride was fun as we carved through some mountain passes and past many full rivers and streams. When we arrived back we decided to order a cob salad, sweet potato fry and cheesecake dinner. Unfortunately, upon Kat’s suggestion, we walked the 2+ mile round trip to pick up that tasty dinner. I can say after 8 hours of riding this walk was not as easy as it should have been but we managed and enjoyed every bite of our dinner while seated in the quiet dining area of the Inn. I vaguely remember blogging a little after dinner before heading off to our room for a much needed rest. I was thinking that some top-shelf rum would have fit this picture perfectly. After a brief conversation about the ghosts we fell into a fast and deep sleep that was not to be disturbed by any creaks of the floorboards or rattle of our door.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Day 2- The Return Trip

After an awesome night of restful sleep we had the opportunity to meet Dave, our host and Inn owner. After a sad “Covid-19” greeting Dave promptly invited us to breakfast and a good (many) cup of coffee.

While Kat and I enjoyed the hearty sausage, egg, potato and buttered toast breakfast we had the opportunity to talk to Dave about his beautiful home and Inn, with its rich history and happenings. We learned that after many years as owner and proprietor Dave was looking to sell the Inn to spend a bit more time enjoying some much-desired retirement travel. Dave had enjoyed a long military career as an Air Force Master-Sergeant before purchasing the Inn.

While the future is uncertain whether the Inn will stay an Inn or be purchased as a private home. What I do know is that whoever acquires the Kane Manor Inn will also acquire a part of history.

After breakfast, some packing and goodbyes we decided to head to Kinzua Bridge so Kat could see it. After a short ride we arrived then walked the bridge taking in the fantastic views. We were fortunate that a park ranger on the bridge took a shine to us in passing and for about 30 minutes gave us an interesting history on not only the bridge but the various tree species and invasive pests plaguing them. Very informative. As we were talking it started to drizzle then rain. We quickly headed to the bike to don rain suits and be off.

As we navigated the rain we of course passed by Mt Jewett Family Tastee Freeze which Kat quickly asked to stop at. After removing a few layers of clothing we ordered some of the best, if not THE best, ice cream I’ve eaten in portions that would chock a billygoat. Kat got a baby size and I got the small and I can say they were giant-sized portions. We decided to sit on the ground under an overhang to focus on our ice creams, which were delectable. Afterwards we once again secured our rain clothing and were off on the 5-hour journey home.  Fortunately after about an hour of rain the sky started to clear into a nice, sunny day. After another 40 minutes of riding to dry the rain suits we removed them at the next fuel stop. We were also surprised to find the #1 Cycle Center Harley-Davidson near State College which we stopped at for a few pics before hitting the road again.

The rest of the brisk ride home was fun and fast as we looped around the Susquehanna River once again towards home. This trip was a fun time that we’re looking forward to enjoying again in the future.

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