Hi, I’m Dan, and this is my travel blog. My main goal here is to post photos and stories of some of my more meaningful travels for me, my family & friends and anyone else interested. Please feel free to Leave a Reply on any post and be sure to click the Follow Dan icon on the right-hand panel to receive a notification when I post to my blog. Thanks for visiting.   ~DanS

Profession:  International trading and business development

Birthplace:  Baltimore, MD

Residence:  The gorgeous rolling hills of South-central Pennsylvania

What’s most important:  Being Dad to my three beautiful daughters, my family & friends and living life on my own terms

Interests & Hobbies:  Adventuring, motorcycle touring, rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, camping and spending time in Nature

Travels:  USA, Aruba, Cancun, Ukraine (Crimea & Kherson) and Philippines (Garden Island of Samal)

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