PA Grand Canyon Ride

Travel: May 31, 2020

PA Grand Canyon Group Ride

PA Grand Canyon

Tomorrow morning Kat & I head out on the PA Grand Canyon ride hosted by the Cumberland Valley HOG Chapter and Appalachian Harley-Davidson. I estimate our total distance for the day to be about 400 miles and for it to be a full day of riding. I’m not sure how many folks will be on the ride but there are over 200 who listed they were interested. The weather forecast looks to be cool and clear so we may just have an awesome day for riding. Auto coffee is ready and we’re off to sleep now. Tomorrow we ride!

It’s Sunday morning and we’re in Mechanicsburg now. The number of bikes is growing and currently I see about 50. The temps are cool and just shy of 60f degrees now at 8:00am. I’m not sure it’ll get out of the 60’s today but we’re in full leathers and feeling good.

First stop of the day for gas, grub and bathroom break at a Sheetz in Selinsgrove. So far the riding has been fun with its staggered formation, crisp blue sky and roar of the many bikes negotiating the twists and turns along the mighty Susquehanna river.

We reached the Canyon and it is stunning. More photos to come later.

More to come…

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