Bald Eagle State Forest

Friday, Dec 11 – Sunday, Dec 13, 2020

With cool, clear temps and no rain in the forecast… (along with another state shutdown by our, um, PA Governor), Kat & I felt it was time for another getaway. We decided to go back to a nice spot we camped at before. Saturday we plan to hike up to Chimney Rocks to see the view.

The temps were a mite chilly and during the night it dipped to about 30f degrees. We managed to stay warm and enjoyed some hot, fresh percolated coffee and our favorite, freeze-dried eggs and ham. Once we got moving our goal was to find the trailhead to Chimney Rocks. Along the way while driving through the forest we came upon a ranger walking with an armload of something. I decided to pull over to ask what he was doing. He explained that he was harvesting Birch Polypore mushrooms. He explained their 5,000+ year history and all the amazing things they can do in tea or tincture form. He gave Kat a mushroom and said to research them and their history. We did and now “enjoy” the very bitter tea for all the health benefits they offer. Once on our way, and after a few misses, we arrived and were off hiking up the trail.

We had a nice time meandering up the trail looking at the various paw prints and trying to figure out where the bear may be. Before we knew it we reached Chimney Rocks and it was quite an interesting formation of broken, layered rock that looked like a chimney. Since we had brought our stove and a variety of tasty things to eat we setup a cooking area to make a hot lunch. For a while we had the view and solitude all to ourselves but eventually we got company. The two and four legged varieties. It was a nice time though eating as we admired the view.

Eventually we knew it was time to pack up for the hike down. Once back at the car we headed to our site to break camp and pack for the drive home. It proved to be an enjoyable excursion and one we look forward to revisiting soon. Until the next adventure…

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