Bald Eagle State Park excursion

Travel: Aug 17 – Aug 18, 2019

Bald Eagle State Park: Maps & Guides

Kat and I wanted to get away but only had time for a brief overnighter. We decided to head to Bald Eagle State Park which is located in Howard, PA about 150 miles and 3 hours northward.

This was a fun get-away although short on time. We were able to enjoy the peacefulness of a scenic ride along with lunch and a swim at the lake. One thing to note was the crushed stone campsite access which produced a great deal of stone dust that covered everything. Next trip here I’ll have to see if they have a less primitive camping area with paved access.


2 thoughts on “Bald Eagle State Park excursion

  1. Jack

    Nice pics Dan.  I haven’t been camping in over two years.   Hey Kat, nice to see ya; beautiful as ever. Dan…..well…..nice to see your face LOL  Time for this old farts afternoon nap.  Talk to y’all later.  See ya at Glidefest; I HOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Dan's Travel Blog Post author

    Hi Jack, thanks for following the blog. It’s always nice hearing from you especially in these crazy times. We enjoy camping and never seem to get enough of it. I doubt that we will be at GF2020 but plan to at least attend Shark Week X. Enjoy your nap ;-).



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