Rolling Thunder XXXII – 2019

Travels: May 26, 2019

It’s been some time since I attended a Rolling Thunder but with it being reported to be the final ride, and it being Kat’s first RT, I thought this would be a good time to ride. Read on to find out more about this solemn and powerful event.

The day started cool as we rode briskly from our home in Hanover, PA to Frederick Harley Davidson to begin our Journey. We were surprised how well Frederick HD prepared for the event and how big an event it actually was. We were also happy to see the complimentary breakfast sandwiches, coffee, fruits and other perks being given away. As we ate and woke up with the tasty coffee we watched the other riders pouring in and started realizing this was truly going to be big.

After we finished eating the kickstands up call was given so we prepared to leave. The excitement among the riders was thick in the air as we began systematically leaving the dealership. As we rode we felt a sense of being part of something worthwhile especially with all the people waving as we rode under the overpasses. Judging from Kat’s responses on back I knew she was having a good time as well. As we rode we could tell the temperature was rising but it wasn’t until reaching DC and slowing that it became apparent it would be a steamy day with heat and humidity.

With this reported to be the last Rolling Thunder the attendance was incredible with estimates in the hundreds of thousands. This became clear as we tried to get into the Pentagon parking lot but had to park on the entrances with thousands of other riders. It was hot but they were giving cold water out to those who wanted it. Kat and I made the best of it for a couple hours but eventually decided to veer past the parked bikes and head west towards clear pavement and open country.

As we made our way west then north towards Pennsylvania we had open riding and time to contemplate the day’s event. Although we weren’t able to get fully into RT we realized our participation to that point was fun and meaningful for us. As we pulled into our driveway we looked forward to a cool shower and some tasty Thai food we picked up along the way. Until the next journey…

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